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Extra, Extra… Read All About It. The Inspirational True Story Behind (Insert Your Name) Will Finally Be Told

So I'm announcing a new off-shoot of The Gospel According to Josh that's big and bad and involves you. 

The Good News Project

"The Good News Projectis looking for guest bloggers and writers — A weekly series where writers, psychologists, and everyday schmoes can share a personal story of inspiration or an event in life where they overcame tremendous odds. Everyone has a powerful story to tell and something to teach the world—let us learn from you! (See below the guidelines to learn about the inspiration for The Good News Project)

Guest blog Guidelines

Your blog must be about you—an inspirational moment, an epiphany, finding your dream job, discovering your life’s purpose, your coming of age.
What did you learn, how has it changed your life, and what can the reader take away?

The fine-ish print:
  • It can only be 1000 words maximum, including your bio (ratio no less than 4:1, content : bio). 
  • Short paragraphs and bullet points are welcome.
  • Posts with grammar and spelling errors won’t be accepted.
  • No foul language in your post.
  • Your post can’t be overly promotional, it’s a story.
  • You can have outgoing links in the text, but not if they lead to spam. You can, at most, use 10 outgoing links.
  • Your post can’t promote a religion or religious domination. However, you can write about your faith and how it’s impacted your life.
  • You may repost your own content on your site, blog, or on someone else’s website or blog as long as it’s properly attributed (and linked to) as having appeared on this blog first (if that is, indeed, the case).
  • You may choose to share your story using your name in the byline or anonymously by using your initials (i.e. "J.R.") 
  • Send inquiries and posts to:
Why is this "The Good News Project?

It's inspired by my book and one-man show The Gospel According to Josh: A 28-Year Gentile Bar Mitzvah. Gospel (non-religious) means "Good News" and my good news is that I'm alive, and thriving, able to tell my story and help other people.
On the international tour of my one-man show, I've found incredible people who've felt voiceless and worthless yet who were outstanding people with important personal stories waiting to be told. These personal stories changed my life and the life of the storyteller for the better. 
My one-man show continues through 2015 and I'm looking for people in all walks of life, online and offline, to help give them a voice and share their stories with the world.

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