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The Last Day of my 20s, the Next Hurrah, and a Salute to my 30s

Honestly, I’ve been mulling this one for several weeks. The last day of my twenties. What to do, who to reach out to, what to write.  So much to do before crossing the threshold of the unknown and into my thirties.

The last stanza of Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening popped into my head. 

The woods are lovely, dark and deep/
But I have promises to keep/
And miles to go before I sleep/
And miles to go before I sleep.

I’ve got a lot of promises to keep while moving into my thirties—promises to people past, present, and future in my life. 

1) Help will always be a dominant presence in my life—freely giving and receiving. For much of my twenties, help wasn’t something offered or asked for… and it was sorely missed. I found that asking for help improved my quality of life not just on a survival level but on level that helped me thrive—the process can be compared to a human inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, both are a necessary part of keeping a person alive. I promise to always ask for help and always do my best to provide help.  

2) You will always know how I feel about you and it will be spoken with compassion. Miscommunication is the kiss of death. If I love you, I will tell you more often and more importantly will show you with my actions. If something is bothering me, I will mention it and also work to see it as a moment for self-reflection. I promise to be explicit in my words and actions. Life is too short for anything else

For some, thirty can seem like a large flashing number the size of a Times Square billboard, reminding them of a life unfulfilled. However, the time for redemption and action is now—little moments that will one day add up to a mountain of evidence that you took control of your life. 

There’s so much work to do tomorrow, much less an entire decade, to be worried about one’s legacy. On a personal level, I have people to see, relationships to water, books to write, shows to put on, new places to see, and time to be a part of the healing process. The large flashing “3” and “0” are there only to remind one to look up every now and then, to appreciate the trail you’re currently on, and to drink in the sights and sounds. 

An enormous “thank you” for being a sign-post or even a full-fledged partner while I chart the path on which I currently forge. You own a piece of the lessons I learn and the successes as well. I’m truly grateful.


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