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A couple of pieces of press from the Off-Broadway weekend (May 16-18)... and a few other quick notes

The debut of The Gospel... May 16-18 was a success! Four shows with fantastic audiences.

A couple of takeaways:

1) We have to change the name of the show for future incarnations. People are afraid of the word "Gospel" and it turns people away.

2) We have good video and that will help keep the show alive.

3) We have a great new script to work with and great direction from a world-class director in Brent Buell.

4) There is a ton of love in this world. I was sick as a dog the entire weekend, and the amount of people who came out of the woodwork to support and help nourish me back to health was outstanding.

A couple of radio interviews we did in advance of the show:

1) Stagetology—Click here:

2) Valerie's NJ—Click here:
(We made the front page of the My9 Website on Thurs. May 15)

Thank you so much for your support on this trial Off-Broadway run of the show! It was a ton of work and it couldn't have happened without the many hands that helped and the love and good vibes from friends and strangers alike!

Much love,

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