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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Recipe for Success

  • Make something that has the potential to become bigger than yourself. Create a movement, a risky piece of art, or something that changes the world. 
  • Make sure you believe in the power of what you’re working to create/just created. 
  • Make sure your creation is the solution to someone—Or ideally—some group or demographic’s problems.
  • The creation can’t be just about gaining more income, and if it is— why do you need the income? Is it for your child’s education? Will the money help free up your time so you can learn a new language or create art? Seldom is anything just about the money.
Be helpful
  • -None of us can achieve our goals solely on our own. We need help from others to get to where we want to be. To get help, we need to start helping others first. 
  • When you help someone with their business or project, you’re beginning to establish a long term relationship with them and put a deposit in the friendship bank. Relationships are what people invest in; not products, services, or creations. When the relationship that you’ve established becomes fruitful, then you can go back to that relationship and ask for a withdrawal from that friendship bank. 
  • Pro tip: The relationship will never work if you decide that you’re going to keep score as to who owes whom what favor. Let it happen organically
Take Risks
  • This is key. You have to be willing to fall flat on your face in the process of achieving your goals. Failure helps you get where you need to go faster than you normally would without it. How? You begin to learn invaluable lessons and figure out what and what not to do. 
  • Gravitating toward comfort is human nature but the most successful people that I’ve ever seen are explorers and adventurers—modern day Columbuses and Magellans who have taken their ships and sailed away from shore with no land in sight, believing that they would one day find the “New World” that would bring them the personal and/or career riches they were looking for. 
  • You have to be willing to persevere and stick through the most difficult of times. Success is never something that happens overnight, rather it’s a process in which you need to practice patience and tenacity. Anything worth having should be something you’re willing to fight FIGHT! Whenever you get knocked down— get up, brush yourself off as soon as you can, and start throwing punches again. You have to be a Rocky or The Little Engine that Could (and is).
Feel free to add these ingredients to your recipe for success. One point of note, these ingredients are delicate and you must keep a watchful eye on the stove and make sure that all these flavors are in balance with one another. Bon appetit my friends.  

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