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Thursday, March 19, 2015

You’ve Been Here Before...

Recently I was feeling a bit stuck, like I’ve been on the same plateau for too long with my wheels turning endlessly in the mud. Several months went by and I couldn’t shake this feeling. 

But I happened to have a day off when doing some work in Sydney, Australia. And I decided to do a bush walk at a national park north of the city.  I needed some clarity. And I got it.

My epiphany: You’ve been here before—the feeling of “not enough,” “it’s not working,” “what am I going to do,” and so on. 

And I worked myself through the thought process, and then through a plan of action. 

This isn’t something unique to my brain or my situation. 

You’ve actually been here before—not this same exact place, but quite similar in many ways—and you’ve done something to get yourself out of it. You’ve moved on, succeeded big, or failed hard. There was something that changed situation you were in. 

Stop for a moment. Breathe. 

Find the pattern.

What was it about the last time that was similar to this time?

What worked? Why? How can you use that as a tool this time?

What didn’t work? Why? How can you omit that from the toolbox this time?

What course of action can you take to move forward?

It’s taking the time to find the patterns then asking the right questions after that will: 1) get you where you need to go in the shortest amount of time, AND/OR 2) give you the answer to a difficult question or task with the least amount of pain