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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finding Your Iggety-Oasis in the Middle of $%^storm

Bad things happen—it’s inevitable. I’ve certainly had my fair share in the last half-decade.

Sometimes bad things compound and turn into a $%^storm. I’m currently living in one right now, and it’s all good (kinda) but damn is it difficult.

Beyond the “grin and bear it,” “go to therapy,” or “fix the problem” — all of which are valid responses, yet are part of playing the long game, there needs to be some positive gains in the short game. We need positive daily gains, even if they’re tiny, to make playing the game of life a little easier.

There are more than a few ways to make and measure small daily gains. One I’ve cultivated for myself I call “Finding My *Iggety-Oasis.”

*Note: The title is super-corny but this is actually how I talk to myself. “Finding My Oasis” sounded too flower power for my tiggety-tastes. “Iggety Oasis” sounds like something Ludacris would rap about. #woot

The Iggety-Oasis is a place with no timelines or deadlines. It’s something I enjoy and give myself to fully when I’m there. It’s a recharging station.

My Iggety-Oasis is playing my piano (actually, an electric keyboard with a broken low A note). I play my piano for an hour every morning after I’ve eaten and showered, right when a bit of the anxiety starts to creep in. I work out some piano exercises, try to get better at the craft, then freestyle a bit. My head is much more equipped to wrap itself around the bigger issues and problems of each day after having my piano and my music fix in the morning.

Gardening, baking, cleaning, pampering, showering, charitable acts, knitting neon Christmas sweaters—all things that could be considered a person’s Iggety Oasis. Test it out and find your own.

I’m not sure how long the oasis should last during the day, but it probably shouldn’t be the majority of the day.

The Iggety-Oasis shouldn’t be destructive either. I.e. the difference between unwrapping and savoring a York Peppermint Patty, and gorging on three Costco-sized tubs of Almond Joys.

The Iggety-Oasis doesn’t make it all better. But it provides sustenance and provides a brief rest so you can later go out and face the difficulties of the day.

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