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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dream Breakers vs Dream Makers

Dream Breaker Statement —> Dream Maker Statement
  • I can’t do this —> I’ll figure it out
  • I’m not enough —> I have everything inside of me
  • I’ll never figure it out —> I’ll ask the advice of someone who has “figured it out”
  • I’m no expert —> I’ll learn and create my own expertise
  • I’m sick and broken —> I am not my illness (and I will use this to help others)
  • I’m a little too young/old to do __ —> I’m exactly the age I should be to take on __
  • How could I make a difference? —> It takes a single spark to create an explosion
The dream breaker statements were taught to you by someone who had their own dreams broken by someone else or in part through an unfair system or chain of events. They don’t get a say in the fulfillment of your dreams any longer. %^* that. This is your time to shine.

It’ll take time to unlearn those dream breaker statements, but it can be done. It’s never too late and it’s never useful to look back at all the “wasted” time. The important thing is the future, moving forward, and making dream maker statements followed by action.