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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why People Who Say, “We’ve Always Done it This Way” Should Get *Tasered

Okay—so I’m not advocating for actual tasering. I’m speaking in a sharply worded metaphor. I’m a lover, not a fighter… #free #noncreepyhugs

I’ve recently had a little discussion with a certain unnamed union with members who aren’t working as much as they’d like (myself included)—and when presenting a few ideas that could shake up part of the industry to the point where members would gain new income; I was met with the words “No‚ we’ve always done it this way.” And then my idea was squashed on the spot. Meanwhile, many of the union members, including some who squashed my idea, are losing their houses among other necessities of life.

The treatment of this issue reminded me of how the record companies dealt with Napster in the late 90’s (“No! We can never have streaming online music, legal or not! We’ve always done it this way). And then iTunes came in and blew the lid off the music industry and the record companies were left scrambling. A new means of consuming music was created (adapted somewhat from the Napster model), which the record companies could have adopted, in effect saving themselves. But many of the record companies lost revenue, contracted and folded, and lost an opportunity to keep the control they once owned almost exclusively. I’m not pro or anti record company here, I’m just merely pointing out a missed opportunity—one due to “We’ve always done it this way.”

What other opportunities are lost to “We’ve always done it this way?”
  • A new friendship
  • A business opportunity
  • A rekindled friendship
  • A great meal
  • The empowerment and civil rights of tens, hundreds, thousands, millions etc
Take a moment. Breathe. Change is going to happen with or without you. Better to be a part of efforts to create something better for yourself and those around you with: “We’re going to try it this way;” rather than being stuck in the stone age banging two rocks together, hoping to god for a little fire.