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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your Voice is Wanted: The Importance of the Peer-to-Peer Experience

When buying an oven, tractor, or easy-to-assemble nightstand
When debating whether or not to take part in a controversial medical treatment
When looking for a new school district for your children

You rely on peer-to-peer advice and mentorship, or product reviews.

In this magnificent digital age there are so many avenues to be a peer mentor or product reviewer that don’t begin and end with Yelp, Amazon, or Google Plus.

You want to make a difference and help change the world but don't know how? Share your experience by starting a blog, sharing a post(s) on Facebook, writing an oped for your local online newspaper—tell us what you think of Sir Thumps-A-Lot brand pacemakers, how to design your ostomy bag for a day at the beach, or which new upstart phone company has the best customer service.

You will eventually find a tribe—be it minuscule, moderate, or gargantuan in size—who will appreciate your honesty and your voice.

We need each other, we demand better than self-validating marketing and advertising, we are part of a new movement for better through mass connectivity.

#shareyourexperience #peertopeer

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