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Good to the Last Drop


Last week I was at the grocery store, exhausted after a long day, and at a loss for meal ideas. Whole lobsters were on sale. Done. After finishing dinner, I decided to try my hand at lobster bisque. I saved the lobster shells, chopped up some veggies, a few herbs, and made a stock. I used every last bit of those lobsters… which got me thinking.

How much more productive can I/we be with our day-to-day activities?
  • Athletes/gym-goers: Are constantly looking to beat their best time or do an extra set of reps.
  • Entrepreneurs: Up-selling. I’m already selling you a pair of dress pants… I might as well get into distributing belts as well, since you can’t keep your pants up without a nice belt (unless you’re into the whole “I like wearing a rope around my waist” thing).
  • Foodies: That small patch of grass on your front lawn or the window box outside your kitchen window. Is it possible to put in some mulch and fertilizer and grow a few tomatoes?
  • Productivity and conservation (and maybe saving a few bucks) might not be the typical definition of preserving one’s mental health but they’re certainly good for my head. It’s also helping take care of mother earth whose doing her best to take care of us.
(PS. sometimes the time spent “wasting time” by relaxing or looking at trees is not a waste. It’s a much needed respite, where you make time slow down just a little to rest and enjoy the beauty in people and nature around you)

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