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#WhatsWorking: Healing by Sharing

I’ve been talking a lot about storytelling over the past year on this blog. Recently I had the opportunity to talk a little about storytelling as a guest on Caroline Tehrani’s show on HuffPost Live—a live streaming web-based network.
The title of the segment on Caroline’s show is “What’s working: Healing through sharing,” an aspect of storytelling I hadn’t thought about or explored until recently. 
But this idea of sharing one’s story as a healing tool holds especially true for me as I’ve had the opportunity to both listen to and share stories that have helped me heal and that have helped the storyteller opposite me heal. 
In the context of this video we are talking about suicide and mental health. But hopefully the foundations of what we’re talking about are useful to you in whatever situation you may be in: a relationship, a physical ailment, or a __. The video is 20 minutes but you can certainly chop it up and listen to it during the course of the day. The link is here: HuffPost Live Segment
PS. don’t judge me at the beginning of the vid! I look a little cray-cray because I was distracted by sound reverb in my earphones. But the rest of the vid is pretty solid. #justsaying! :) 

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