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The People Have Spoken, and We’re Flipping the Scriz-ipt

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a three month sabbatical from writing regularly on this blog.  Why? It’s been a hella busy year… I got married…

…became insta-dad to three teenagers (and step dad to two turtles, two cats, and a dog)…

…moved to Los Angeles, moved again, and had my busiest spring semester traveling and speaking to conferences, colleges, and high schools (ten total weeks in: Minnesota x 2, Arkansas, Buffalo NY, Wisconsin x 2, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia x 2, Texas, Toronto Canada).

I needed a little writing break… and I needed to recalibrate, refocus, and reformat the blog. When I first started in 2011, the focus was personal development and the arts, and it evolved a little here and there with some good results. But the writing got a little stale and readership (you) wanted more. 

So… I’m switching things up a bit. Our blog, our little engine that could, is going to be focused on “making the impossible, possible,” mental health, suicide prevention, and we’ll also touch on creativity and a few other tidbits of personal development. We’ll learn together, laugh together (or at me), and rock out in life in between. 

My aim is to write for sharper, smarter readers (you), and for you to hear from me once a week on this blog, and to have the writing so fresh and funky that I hear from you regularly as well. And I would love it if you left a comment or two from time to time so that I’m writing about what you’re interested in. 

In the next few weeks I’ll be writing about: “How to Make a Difference in any Station of Life (with a much less crappier title),” “How to Get Involved in Suicide Prevention Without Saying the Word ‘Suicide’,” “Put Down the Workahol and Take a Damn Break,” and “Why I’m Grateful for My Screwed Up Childhood.”

If any of that sounds cool, let me know, and if any of it sounds like crap, please-oh-please shoot me a message so I don’t bore you to death or make you swipe left :)

Thanks a million as always for reading. Much love. 


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