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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose? Hell No. Find it in the Service of Others.

The best place to start with finding your life’s purpose is not a vision quest in the middle of the Gobi Desert searching your soul for your inner passion. Finding purpose is both infinitely complex and incredible simple. 

My favorite place to find passion, where I’ve actually found mine, and where many of my respected peers and mentors have found their passion is working in the service of others. 

While giving of yourself, you may:
  • Strengthen and deepen a gift or talent you’ve always known about
  • Discover a gift or gifts you never knew you had
  • Uncover your likes, dislikes, and aptitudes for certain types of work and service, and
  • You may even discover seedlings that grow into a tree bearing fruits of your passion that will feed you the rest of your life
At age twenty-seven, I discovered that my passion happens to be at the intersection of the arts, creativity, education, and social advocacy. After trying for many years (and somewhat succeeding) at the arts and creativity, it wasn’t until I added in elements of teaching and advocacy to my life and career that I found my own purpose in life. 

Have you found your purpose in life? What is it? Please share (I’ll keep it private).

Are you still searching for your life’s purpose? What kind of social activities or volunteering might you be able to get involved with? Please share (I’ll keep it private). 

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