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Monday, December 19, 2016

This Ain’t the Same Old Story Your Grampa Used to Tell… Well, Sorta

The same few stores have been told since the beginning of time. 

Protagonist wants romantic love.
Protagonist is on a “coming of age” journey.
Protagonist wants redemption. 
Protagonist wants justice. 
Protagonist wants to right a wrong. 

So, why do we still fall in love with the “same old story” or the seventh installment of a tired soap opera series set in outer space? Because of nostalgia, because we relate, because of the relationships, because of the variables that happen along the journey. 

You think you have nothing to say or nothing to teach or your story has nothing of value? You’re wrong. There are so many variables in your story that will bring to light an interesting and unique cast of characters and obstacles that only you know how to overcome. It’s practically inevitable that there will be some incredible teaching moments and inspiration derived from your story. 

No more holding back. We have lots to learn from you. 

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