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Good Things Come to Those Who (Sometimes) Wait

I’ll only be happy when I get out of debt.

I’ll finally be ready to help other people once I have my masters degree.

I’ll only be fully free when my ex moves out of my town. 

Why wait to be happy, to help other people, to be fully free… when you can make those choices now? 

Yes, good things come to those who wait… sometimes… like waiting for your coffee to cool down, the ice cream headache to go away before taking another bite, to create that empowering social media slogan after talking to a thousand people—but a state of mind? That’s a choice. Happy. Ready. Free. All choices. All things that one can cultivate within the garden inside the human brain. 

Find happiness now, even if it’s in simplicity like rainy days or a feather blowing in the wind. Become ready now—even if you don’t have a road map, you have people who have done it before you… let them help guide you. Find freedom now, even if it’s in the knowledge that you can make choices and that no one can make you feel any feeling without your consent. 

No more waiting. You’ve got this.

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