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Making Plans for a Non-Existent Future

Anxiety (non-clinical; non mental illness) lives in the future. Worrying about scenarios that will never come to pass lives in the future. 

BUT hope can also live in the future. Development of a system for healthy habits lives in the future. 

The difference between the future filled with anxiety and worry and the future filled with hope and healthy habits… Anxiety and worry live exclusively in the future whereas hope and healthy habits are anchored in the present moment. 

Planning for a future is okay as long as we plan with a specific allotment of time and not an endless cycle of thoughts on combinations and permutations as to how it’s all going to go. Non-clinical anxiety and worry is wasted energy and can be addictive. Hope and healthy habits anchored in the present must be cultivated and worked at and be constantly at the forefront of one’s mind: “Keep working hard and stay in the moment. Don’t go to that bad place, yo!”

It can be like walking a tightrope at times but your faith that everything will be okay (and it will be) as long as you stay in the moment is like a net that will save you every time and prevent you from breaking bones and your body the next time you fall (and you will… it’s inevitable). 

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