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Friday, October 6, 2017

Surviving My Past

How does someone live through one of the worst things a person can experience—their power and innocence stolen, never to be returned?

In the aftermath, they hold on by suppressing the memories of that experience… but they can’t escape—their body and subconscious remember even if their conscious is doing everything it can to keep those memories under lock and key. 

Over the coming years, this person may unknowingly become cold and distant; or perpetually angry; or develop severe anxiety, depression, OCD, post traumatic stress, alcoholism, substance abuse and misuse; or all of the above… OR they may even subject another person to the experience that they barely lived through and hated with every fiber of their being. 

That’s what severe trauma can do to a person. Especially childhood physical and sexual trauma like what my friend Matt Pappas experienced. 

Matt is an incredible dude, upbeat, funny—a father, a brother, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (great minds think alike... haha). 

I interview Matt on the podcast, and despite the subject matter the tone of the interview is friendly and cheerful. We don’t talk past details but we do talk hope and healing… and we even joke a bit. We’re just two blue collar guys from the Jersey/Philly area who are looking to help some people, live a good life, go down the shore once in awhile, and have a good laugh. 

Matt is crushing it with his blog, podcast, and foundation Surviving My Past and he’s helping men, women, and children all over the world with his words of wisdom and the safe space he provides. His website is Oh, and he also interviewed me on his podcast HERE, and he’s a writer in our second i’Mpossible book 

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