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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Building Wealth Without Money

What exactly is the definition of wealth? Many associate wealth with money—as did I for a very long time, and pursued it (albeit unsuccessfully) until I was bankrupt in almost every area of my life including my bank account. 

2009-2011 happened—a death, a lawsuit, a bad breakup, a crisis—and life no longer seemed worth living. 

It wasn’t until I began to focus on the other areas of my life—well-being, mental wellness, relationships, empathy, love, spirituality, giving back—that I really truly felt wealthy. And none of it had to do with money. Oddly enough, the money part started to grow really well because my focus was elsewhere. 

A few months back I spoke with my new and dear friend Adam Giery, who happens to be a part of the same speakers bureau (Campuspeak) as I, and who in his early 30’s, happens to be a bit of a sage on education, stoicism, and building wealth without money. 

In this podcast episode (embedded above, available on iTunes, and available for direct download here) Adam and I discuss what it truly means to be wealthy, what success looks like, the empowerment of switching jobs, focus, and freedom. 

I really enjoyed this one with Adam. I came away with a lot and I hope you do, too. 

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