Your Ideal Conditions Will Drown. Immediate Action is Your Life Preserver. What Will You Choose?

I’ll finally be happy when I get married.

I’ll finally get started on my passion project after I raise a million dollars.

I’ll finally be able to heal when my sister stops nagging me.

These are all examples of the ideal conditions to complete a personal objective.

Hell, I had my own ideal conditions in my late twenties—I’ll be able to be happy, be able to heal, and have a family after I make X amount of money, have Y amount of TV and film roles, and travel to Z places on a spiritual journey. 

But XYZ never happened because “ideal conditions” are fools gold. Happiness is a choice. Healing requires work. And following one’s dreams or goals is a commitment. None are achievable under ideal conditions—in fact nothing is.

That means to achieve anything, whether a more solid relationship, personal fulfillment, or a goal—you must turn a negative into a positive (rarely do these negatives show up alone. They are wolves who travel in packs). This is where the greatest personal growth lies. And anyone can do it—not just princes, billionaires, or revered shamans.

You want to be a beautiful rose? Not everyone gets to grow inside the botanical garden with proper food, nurturing, and other ideal conditions. Sometimes the only place for growth is the cracked old sidewalk in a broken down neighborhood with minimal sunlight and rainwater—far from anyone’s ideal conditions. 

If you’re waiting for the ideal conditions to speak up, to get started, or to heal—you’re never going to find them. It’s up to you to make the impossible, possible. And the time to act is now—and before you know it your preferred “ideal conditions” will seem unnecessary and a distant  memory while the hardships you face while working to achieve your objective will make you stronger, savvier, more resilient, and the warrior you were always destined to become. 

What’s holding you back? How can you achieve your objective without your “ideal conditions”? Leave me a response (it will remain private). I’d love to hear from you!!!

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