Some People Will be Unconvinced

So, I’m going through an ugly battle in the building where I live in Beverly Hills. Several of the other occupants think our family is the cause of some disturbance. Of course it isn’t and we have indisputable proof. I even offered to speak with the two disgruntled parties after they approached the landlord (one of these two parties never confronted me directly), did so, and was still met with aggression, lies, and phony platitudes. One man, no matter how much evidence we have presented, is not convinced and has threatened us with legal action and is making our lives hellish. 

But some people will never be convinced, right? No matter how great you do, how you speak, evidence you present, or the incredible changes you make in your life—some people will still hate you or be set in their own personal agenda.

Since we’ll never be able to change their minds, it’s better to focus on the people who support you, love you, care for you—and on the potential people who can and will do the same. 

Trying to convince the haters and trying to prove yourself simply won’t work for everyone. It sucks but it’s okay because we can’t control everything in our lives anyway.

The key to failure is trying to please everyone. Help yourself, then your loved ones, then your supporters. Those naysayers, the unconvinced, the ones who would love nothing more than to zap you dry or steal your sunshine—%^&* ‘em. Walk away or avoid them if possible, and pay them no mind. Their energy isn’t worth your time or the time it takes for them to poke unnecessary holes in the greatness you’ve built inside yourself. 

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