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A Blog Post from Mr. Duane

Hello bosses, bossettes, and friends of Joshua.

Mr. Duane here, you know the Mr. Scott Duane from Joshua’s play The Gospel According to Josh. 

I can not believe that I, a humble high school English teacher, made it in to the annals of history by being written and then portrayed by Joshua himself in what some would call the writings of a poor, or even completely destitute, man’s Jack Kerouac—minus the road trip and ramblings of beat poetry.

In our year together in high school more than ten years ago now, Joshua was not much of an English student, in fact I thought him to be completely illiterate until he read a passage, and brilliantly I might add, of Green Eggs and Ham for the first of many senior English class book assignments. 

But in truth, we’ve heard enough about Joshua. This is my proverbial time to shine, my illustrious and well-deserved fifteen seconds of fame and I intend to milk every last nano-second from our friend and enemy, father time.

If you like Joshua’s play, at all, then you’ll love my new one-man play—written and performed by the thespian of all thespians, me of course—entitled Amazing Grace, How Putrid the Smell. In this three hour epic poem of sorts, I begin my life as an actual sperm cell who grows to be the son of a butcher, also a man who has secret designs to be a hand model, in the Meatpacking District in New York City in the early 1950’s. It’s a tale of love, loss, losing one’s hands, a week in a minimum security prison, and sexual discovery in the face of having no anus—a work of art that Jackson Township New Jersey’s Tri-Town News called, “A frantic run through the park at night,” “verbal masturbation,” and, “one-hundred eighty minutes of grief and pained laughter.” 
We’ve just extended the run of the show two more weeks and I do hope you can make it. I’m not too familiar with the internet so if you want to come see Amazing Grace, How Putrid the Smell, make sure you get in touch with Joshua and he’ll give you all the information you need.

Thank you all very much and I look forward to writing to you again very soon.

All my best,

Scott Kristobel Duane

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