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A Blog Post from Mr. Gavaghoul

Dear friends of Mr. Bigshot Josh,

This is Mr. Gavaghoul, Josh’s first high school drama teacher and the man that helped build that machine so to speak. I’m proud to know that Josh or “The Little Gavaghoul,” as I used to call him; has written such a beautiful show in … According to Josh and has chosen to use me as one of the play’s characters.

It’s only fitting seeing as how I taught Josh everything he knows, but not everything I know, about drama and theater. Things like—you can never insert enough pelvic thrusts into any dramatic acting performance, and I should know after having been in the 1st Canadian national tour of an all-male cast of Pippin. I’m a professional. 

But after thirty years of touring, musical theatre, sensual tap-dancing, and a near-Broadway experience; I’ve put all that behind me to impart my life lessons on young thespians in Ocean County, New Jersey. I must give back to the earth as I learned from a troupe of Native American Sondheim shamans. 

And so sixteen years ago and just before Joshua entered high school, I opened my acting studio aptly named FORCING IT IN and have since taught dozens of students the art of true stage acting. I’ve even written the book, only recently out of print The Hedonists Guide to Stage Success. All of this, and my work with Josh, to give back to those who taught me—those whom which I can’t repay. And it’s through Josh and … According to Josh that my legacy will live on.

So to Joshua I say thank you and to you all I, implore you to go see his show in New York City or on tour. I was there opening night sitting front and center cheering him on. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to write in this space again. Till then,

All my best to you

Cornelius “Neal” Gavaghoul

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