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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Only Constant is Change

“Do not repeat the tactics that have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.” 

This week, I was juggling rewrites to the GATJ along with a tune-up of my GATJ suicide prevention program. Why? Well, because of that Sun-Tzu quote I happened upon while doing a little self-reflection. In the process, I learned a valuable lesson that could help someone else down the road and so I share my lesson with you:  (*note all “you’s” and “I’s” n the paragraphs below, refer to me. Feel free to substitute your name in place of mine when necessary)


If you’re looking to do good work on a continuous basis, it’s going to take a stomach strong enough for discomfort and an awareness that you should be in a constant state of evolution .

The things that were successful for me yesterday won’t necessarily work again tomorrow. The world is always in a state of flux due to the rise and fall of kings, advanced technology, and the natural aging process. I must, at the very least, attempt to keep up and refine myself according to my personal values and the sensibilities of people I would like to reach. If I’m not evolving and growing then I’m falling behind or sitting still, and my butt-print will be left on the sands of time. The natural progression of self-evolution in an enlightened society seems to go like this:
  1. Listen and acknowledge what it is that is changing around you.
  2. Strategize on what adjustment you need to make in response to change. How you will you experience growth as a result of the adjustment?
  3. Develop your self-improvement or your desired achievements.
  4. Launch the new and improved you (or insert name of catalyst for desired outcome) and take risks when sending it into the world. What you send out doesn’t have to be perfect and there’s no guarantee that what you put out will do well BUT if you follow the first three steps, your risk for “failure” will be minimized.
Rinse and repeat. Things can always be done a better way. There’s always room for improvement. Get your Darwin on. 
Rock on, my friends. Hope that was the least bit useful to you :) 

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  1. This is EXACTLY what the theme of the conference was that I went to last week in Orlando, FL....Very timely, sir. Very timely indeed...