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On Your Path to Reinventing Yourself

Just because you’re on the right path doesn’t mean you won’t get bumps, bruises, and maybe even the occasional concussion. 
Just because it’s your journey, doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Allow for at least the occasional respite with a good friend or two, a mentor, and/or a beloved spouse. People’s paths can intersect in many different ways. 
Just because it’s going well right now, doesn’t mean it always will. Recalibrating and refining your efforts will be important elements to provide sustenance and energy while on your path. 
When the going gets tough the tough take a breath, take a rest, laugh, cry, curse god, feel, sometimes turn in the opposite direction for a minute, realize that they are human… and then carry on with their journey at whatever speed is appropriate.
Though tempting, there will never be time to compare your path and your journey to the success or failure of someone else’s path and journey. Nor will there be time to pass judgement on yours or someone else’s path and journey. 
Developing and even craving the endless pursuit of knowledge will be a must.
Listening to yourself and listening to others—without the need to be right or superior—will be a necessary learned skill. 
The end result, though way out of sight, will be worth it. And the refinement process that occurs along the way is really where the joy is derived.

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