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It’s Always Been Done Like This, So Let’s Bury Our Heads In The Sand… #Facepalm

Defending the status quo is probably easier to defend and take action on than say, doing what’s right based on the new knowledge one has.

Hanging on for dear life to “it’s always been done like this” or “it’s always been like this,” will eventually lead to a dead end that is difficult to come back from.

Being an early adopter of the new paradigm against the status quo isn’t easy at all, but if one sticks with this course, they will inevitably find people to bring along with them who will help shift the old “normal;” and eventually be able to create long term sustainable change (until we find something even better than this “new” status quo).

Side benefits to being a trailblazer: you may reap rewards such as an increased self-esteem, in some cases you may gain financial benefit (see: Zuckerberg, Musk, Branson), you prevent social injustice, and you will leave this Earth better than when you found it—one of the most beautiful gifts a person can leave behind. 

Eventually the status quo will change. Why can’t you be the spark who ignites the flame that will change and even save the world? It’s all under the realm of “possible.”

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