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Thursday, January 26, 2017

After the Protests…

Rallies, protests, marches—all valid forms of communication and the exercise of free speech. 

But what happens when the crowds die down? 

Within the past 10 years, many have protested incoming and outgoing U.S. presidents—this person is not my president, this one promised change, this one promised to make the country great again. What the hell? 

Change and greatness is not up to these people—it’s up to you. After the protests, the angry dialogue at the kitchen table, the complaints around the water cooler; what are you actually going to do about it? Will you volunteer at the soup kitchen, work to understand the opposing viewpoint that seems preposterous, lead voter drives, build houses for the underemployed, hold the door for the old woman who can barely lift her arms?

Greatness and change are both choices and they’re not up to other people. When we demand change and greatness from within, we fight for what is right to us, we become empathetic, and we compromise if needed on the smaller things in order to work together with others to make our home, community, region, and world a better place. 

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