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Thursday, February 9, 2017

If You Can’t Run, Walk. If You Can’t Walk, Crawl.

Striving for something, no matter the level of your actual capability (or what you think you’re capable of), is better than complaining about what you don’t have and not trying at all. 
I want something. I’m not happy with how the way things are. I bitch and moan for a period of time (sometimes longer than others). But I still want that thing—a job, a certain feeling, a client, respect, a new car—that seems elusive. How am I going to get there?
The longer I stay in “bitch and moan” phase, the longer it will take me to get what I want.
And let’s not forget obstacles—they’ll always be in the way. Planning for obstacles is always good, but there’s bound to be one or more that we couldn’t have planned for. I can go back to “bitch and moan” phase or I can move forward the best I can based on the new obstacle and the information I have.
What will more than likely happen whether or not I find my way through, around, above one or more obstacles is: I’ll learn a great deal about myself and the world around me; I’ll have grown as a person; I’ll have found a greater capacity to ask for help and to be a helper; I’ll hopefully have improved the world a bit; and my skill set as a friend, lover, partner, businessperson, son, and human being will be upgraded. 
Sometimes it’s not important whether or not you can actually do something; but that you have the desire to evolve and begin taking steps to do so. Move forward, then rest. Rinse and repeat. Some of us are more capable at certain things than others, but we’re all capable of something, we’re all able to evolve, and we all have an important role to play in our families, communities, and even in the grand scheme of this spinning globe called Earth.  

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