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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Loving Your Frenemies, Finding the Gold Within… Or Something Like That

Keep exploring, searching, and mining for that gold within you. Just when you never thought you’d find it or find more, a glimmer of yellow will show. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years; but with the work it takes to learn to mine also comes the need to learn to cultivate faith and hope that you’ll find gold in moments of hardship and (metaphorical) poverty.
To speak in another metaphor, cultivating faith and hope is like a squirrel foraging for extra nuts and berries so she’ll have enough when the cold of winter depletes her normal food supply. 
My faith and hope is somewhat a combo of coping skills, leaning into my support system (sometimes I suck at that because I can be stubborn and have a habit of wanting to do things on my own), and continuous positive self-talk. For others, it’s going to be different (duh. :) ). But I need this faith and hope because my head can get dark at times, seemingly for no reason, and I have to live with this and my frenemy depression forever—and it is what it is 
So… you’ve found that nugget of gold before. You are capable of success.
What were the circumstances that led to your discovery in prior instances? Is there a pattern? Can anyone in your world help you connect those dots (the answer is “yes,” even if you haven’t found that person yet)?