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Coming Out of the Closet, Becoming Your Truest Self

What does it mean to be your truest self? How can someone, seemingly so self aware, deny who they really are? It can take years, decades, even a lifetime before the bravest of the brave own who they are and live life accordingly—on their own terms. People within the LGBTQI community are told that they need to “come out of the closet,” but they aren’t the only ones—so many others live and hide in “the closet,” of low self-esteem, unrequited love, profound nerdiness, unbridled imperfection—it would take billions of lifetimes to accurately name all of the closets that exist. 

But when we find our way out of the shadows, is when our voice is unwavering, our purpose on this planet is clear, and you and those around you benefit greatly. 

I’m starting a new venture—a podcast, where I interview people who seem plain and ordinary but who are actually powerhouses who have come into their own, found their voice, and learned to share it so others don’t make the same mistakes or go through similar pain. 

The interview (embedded, also downloadable, also available on iTunes), episode #1, is with actor, dancer, choreographer Matthew Shaffer who tells us about the proverbial closet he lived in and how he found his way out. 

I share this interview with Matthew because not everyone feels as if they can come out of their own closet and discover and own their truest self. But it’s possible—and Matthew shows us how. 

If you’re interested, I’m launching this podcast with 50 interviews in 50 days and then going to 2 per week. I’ll only be sharing an interview with you once a week and writing an accompanying blog post (like our usual schedule). If you do want to listen to other interviews (average length is 30 mins), you can find them at

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