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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Live Through This—Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt, with Dese'Rae Stage

How can a person sink to their lowest, be subject to so much despair and hopelessness that they think of ending their life—and then find a way to survive, thrive and use that experience to help others? 

How do they get from Point A: Despair, to Point X: Thriving and Helping? It's a great question because trauma and tragedy strike every day, and no one is given an instruction manual on how to handle those difficult obstacles, and quite often that trauma or tragedy is enough to make someone contemplate giving up completely. 

The more we hear from people who have made it through tragedy, suicide, or attempted self destruction, the less we'll feel alone when going through our own traumatic experiences or big obstacles. When a person shares a painful experience for the benefit of others—it's one of the most beautiful gifts a person can give.

Dese'Rae Stage does exactly that by sharing some of her life story and how she once attempted suicide and then used that experience to find a way to live and thrive and ultimately help others with her photography project, Live Through This, which tells the story of other suicide attempt survivors.

Listen on as I interview Des on The i'Mpossible Project show. Des's words are powerful, touching, and a tribute to the power of the human spirit:

If you do want to listen to other interviews (average length is 30 mins), you can find them at