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Monday, August 28, 2017

Mrs. D is Going Without and Going Sober

When does it mean to be “authentic?” Your truest self. Someone who can tap into the ability to make sound decisions, to live in your emotions whether they be happy or uncomfortable, and sometimes even choosing to wave your freak flag and wave it high for all to see?

Lotta Dann, my guest on episode 3 of The i’Mpossible podcast talks about authenticity. For a long time she struggled with alcohol abuse and the repercussions that followed. But after she decided to go sober, she started learning what it really meant to be an authentic human being and how that affected her relationships with her husband, children, friends, and ultimately herself.

I share this episode (embedded, also downloadable, also available on iTunes) because tapping into our authentic best selves is something we should be doing on the daily (like all of us, it’s all about progress and not perfection), and also because Lotta is super well spoken, has an amazing New Zealand accent, and she’s part of the impossible eco-system (an author from book #2 in our series). I hope you enjoy!

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